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The dedication service for the Garden of Peace was held in October. The service was heartfelt and the Garden is beautiful! Please see the link below for a video of the service:

We are creating a beautiful garden that includes a paver patio surrounded by trees, plants, perennials, a unique water feature and landscape lighting. This will be a special place of remembrance for our loved ones with the interment of ashes. The patio area will be 16’ x 16’ using 12” x 12” stone pavers. Each stone paver can be purchased and engraved in memory of our loved ones for a $500.00 donation. This will be a great way to support the church and remember those who have passed on. Consider reserving a place for yourself or someone special for the future. The church is a special place to many of us and now we have a way to stay connected. This project will be overseen by the church trustees to assure maintenance and preservation of the garden. tomar 1/4 de viagra self help book writing software essay writing in english my aim in life enter dream essay theory esl blog post editor website online management in nursing essay pdf source diflucan pfizer cheap viagra canada pharmacy smu mba assignment emanuelle viagra can you buy viagra over the counter in the uae conclusion for compare and contrast essay write good exam essay enter site type of essay writing outline a research paper transition sentences in an essay essay on how to celebrate pollution free diwali descriptive place essay follow link follow site We are now officially accepting applications.  Packets are available in the Church Office.  Now is the time to fill out your application and submit payment to reserve your spot. This fundraiser will help with our goal of long term stability, all your support is greatly appreciated.  Optional payment terms are now available for those who need them:  You may make 2 payments of $250.00 each or 5 payments of $100.00 each.
The ground has been cleared, our water feature has been installed, and plantings have begun!  If you need forms or have questions about the Garden, please contact the Church Office or Mike Zinckgraf.


Mount Tabor Memorial


Memorial Garden Policies and Procedures

July 2019


            The Memorial Garden of the United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor is a hallowed place for interment of ashes of our faithful departed, sacred to the memory of these persons.  Ashes are scattered or placed directly into the soil without a container so that they become part of the living garden.   The Garden is also used as a special gathering place for ceremonies, education, fellowship and meditation.  Visitors to the Garden should observe those purposes in thought and prayer.

            There is great emotional, spiritual and psychological value in the time-tested traditions surrounding the way we bury our dead.  Cremation can be used as an alternative to cemetery burial while maintaining the traditional funeral home visitation and funeral/memorial service.  The Memorial Garden increases our choices by providing burial space on our church grounds.


            Arrangements for interment can be made through the United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor office or pastor.  A church representative will contact the family to arrange the necessary paperwork.  Placement may be pre-planned and pre-paid at any time during a person’s life.


Eligible persons are:

United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor members and former members, their spouses, children, parents, stepchildren and stepparents.

Ordained ministers who have served the United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor (or have had a direct relationship with the United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor), their spouses, children, parents, stepchildren and stepparents.

“Friends” of the United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor, upon application and approval of the Trustees.

            Only human cremations may be interred.


            Placing cremains in a special area of the Memorial Garden is a continuation of church tradition by providing a place of interment.  It is also a demonstration of a person’s great love of the church and wanting to be always in this home by choosing to have his or her cremains part of the grounds.

            A Limited amount of the Cremains will be placed directly into ground, under the engraved stone.  No container will be used.  The cremains will give nourishment to the soil. 

            Cremains will be interred in the Garden in a service overseen by the Pastor of the United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor once in the spring and once in the fall.  A member of the family should be present.

            Ashes are not recoverable or preserved intact.  No one may acquire any right to the physical location or appearance of the Garden.  It is understood that the Memorial Garden may have a variety of uses as noted above.


            A cement 12” X 12” paver will be engraved as listed and will be installed in patio area of the Memorial Garden.


            The fees for placement shall be reviewed periodically by the Trustees of the Church.  Once payment is made, there is no obligation for further payment.  Fees will be invested for perpetual maintenance of the Garden.

            The fees cover:

                                         1.         Placement of the ashes

                                        2.         Engraving on the Marker (paving stone)

                                         3.         Recording in Memory Book

                                         4.         Maintenance and perpetual care of the Garden

(Fees do not cover the usual costs or honoraria of the funeral/memorial service.)

            Perpetual care may include:

                                                1.         Routine maintenance

                                                2.         Enhancing landscaping and plantings

                                                3.         Inscription and installment of the blocks

                                                4.         Insurance as may be required

                                                5.         Future additions modifications, or repairs

                                                6.         Other matters as determine by the Memorial Garden Committee and/or Trustees

            The current fees for placement are included in Appendix 1.  All financial considerations must be completed prior to placement of the ashes.

            If an individual or family member has prepaid and decides in the future not to use the Garden, a request for a refund must be submitted to the Trustees with reason stated.  The payment may be refunded minus an administrative fee as determined by the Trustees


            Monetary donations for the development and perpetuation of the Garden are always welcome and may be made at any time.  Designations for specific gifts – plantings, benches, or other hardscape items – will be reviewed by the Memorial Garden Committee and recommendations forwarded to the Trustees.  All contributions will be reserved solely for the construction and permanent maintenance of the Memorial Garden area.


            The oversight of the Memorial Garden shall be the responsibility of the United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor Trustees.


            These policies have been adopted by the Trustees of the United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor and can be changed only by the body.  Any matters not covered by these policies shall be decided by the Trustees.


                        1.         Placement fees

                        2.         Site map

                        3.         Forms

                                    A.     Certificate of Acceptance for Placement of cremains

                                    B.       Preplanned Request

                                    C.       “Paver” Order From

                                    D.       Memorial Garden Memory Book Personal Info


   The Memorial Garden is not a cemetery or a columbarium.  The garden is perpetual in nature and is a non-commercial venture that is the property of the United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor.  No rights or privileges of any nature are deemed or granted to families of those interred.  All rights are reserved by the United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor and its Board of Trustees to make changes, now or in the future, to this policy and the Memorial Garden.           


Memorial Garden Interment Form

            I have read and agree to abide by the Memorial Garden Policy & Procedures.  On behalf of myself and my heirs, I release Mount Tabor Memorial, United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor, NJ, its members, its employees, Board of Trustees, and pastor(s) from any liability arising out of the operation and administration of the Memorial Garden.  I recognize that the Memorial Garden is not a cemetery or columbarium, and, as outlined in the Memorial Garden Policy, waive all claims to the Memorial Garden.

Signature of Applicant: _________________________        Date:______________________

Relationship of Deceased: ____________________________________________________

Approval Signature: ____________________________      

Date: ____________________

Board of Trustee Chairperson

Date for Engraving


Full Name (as it is to appear on the memorial marker – PLEASE PRINT NEATLY)_______________________________________________________________

___________________                                  ___________________

Date of Birth                                                 Date of Death


Mount Tabor Memorial


                    Application for Interment in the Memorial Garden

            I/we hereby request permission to have the cremated remains of


placed in the Garden of Peace at the United Methodist Church at Mount Tabor in Mount Tabor, NJ.  I/we have received a copy of the Memorial Policy from the Church Office.  I/we have read the Policy & Procedures and agree to abide by them.

Name of Applicant(s)   ____________________________________________________

Address           ___________________________________________________________


Telephone       _______________________ Email ______________________________

Applicant Signature ______________________________   Date ___________________

The associated fee of $500 for memorialization has been _____ paid   ____ not paid

Date ________________

Trustee Chair Signature ________________________________________________

Date _________________

This form was last received and approved on __________________